Winterising your pool

Winterising your pool is essential in order to minimise green pool situations over winter.  

To winterise your pool please follow the below process - it is important this is not done too early if the temperatures are still too warm.  We usually recommend doing this near the end of April, weather dependent.

There is no need to wait between action points 

  • Vacuum Pool then backwash filter. 
  • Check the Total Alkalinity (80 -120ppm) and pH (7.2 - 7.6) are in the ok range. Adjust if required.  
  • If Chlorine reading is lower than .5ppm, Add chlorine at 100gms per 10,000 ltrs, if it is above .5ppm, continue to the next step
  • Add 500ml Taylors Nilphos for pools up to 50,000 ltrs. Shake container well before use then add slowly through the skimmer with pump running on recirculate cycle. Run for 2 minutes. Return to filter cycle. 
  • Add recommended dose of Taylors Algaecide (see back of container - usually 250 - 500ml) by either mixing in a bucket of water and broadcast around the pool or broadcast directly around the pool with pump running. Do not add via the skimmer. 
  • If on salt or a chlorine tablet feeder, turn down to around one third of normal output. 
  • If using standard powder or liquid chlorine add 100g or 300ml per 10,000 litres monthly 
  • During the next 3 months keep skimmer cleared of leaves etc and remove leaves / debris from pool (a pool cover will help to keep your pool clean). Test pool water pH and Total Alkalinity at least monthly (weekly is recommended). Run filter for winter running (usually 8hrs/week). 
  • Repeat Nilphos and Algaecide treatment procedure in 3 months time.