Pool Problems

Below are some common pool problems. Click a problem to see our solution. If you want more specific help, feel free to contact us.


Dust or debris going back to pool

If Fine Dust:

1) Just vacuum to waste

If Debris:

1) Check filter is on filter position and well seated

2) If cartridge filter - make sure cartridge is in good condition and seated correctly

3) If all above is checked out okay - replace sand/cartridge/s


Water loss out to waste

1) Check filter indicator setting/seating

2) Check handle pin is in correctly

3) Check spider gasket (seated/lubed and not broken)

4) Check rotor for damage


Motor hums/makes grinding noises

1) Unplug and check if motor can be turned freely by hand

2) If yes - could be electrical/windings etc. - call us

3) If no - could be Bearings - call us

4) Or it could be an Obstruction in pump - dismantle or call us

5) Or both - call us


Cloudy water

Test with test kit

Cause: pH to high or low Solution: (Adjust to correct range)

Total Alkalinity to high or low ( 7.2 - 7.6 80-120ppm)

Suspended particles in water

1. Run filter for 24 hrs then backwash/clean cartridge

2. Add clarifier or pool pac - leave filter off until settled and vacuum to waste


Pump going but little or no water going back to pool

Below is a check list for the most common causes:

1) Check valve position is on filter and is seated properly

2) Check skimmer and lint pot baskets are not clogged

3) If cartridge filter - check cartridge is not clogged.

4) Give sand filter and long backwash and rinse

If still no result:

5) Remove cartridge/s or set sand filter to recirculate (bypass) and run filter

If still no result - possible causes are:

6) Blocked sand (will need replacing)

7) Expired/dirty cartridge/s (clean or replace)

8) Blocked pump housing (dismantle and clear)

9) Sheared impellor (dismantle pump and replace


Pump won't prime (or stay primed) or surges

Below are the most common causes for this problem and the remedies for each:

Pool water level too low: Top up pool

Hair & Lint Pot clogged: Clean out basket

Hair & Lint Pot lid o’ring: May be warn / damaged or missing - replace

Skimmer flap jamming: Adjust or replace flap and or hinges

Leaks/loose fittings in suction line: Repair or replace

Leaks in pump: Repair

Filter not backwashed (Can test system by running on bypass or removing cartridge/s): Backwash or clean/replace cartridge/s

Blockage in inlet pipe: Pressure test and remove blockage if possible

If only when vacuuming:

Has vacuum hose been 'bled' first (i.e. filled with water): Fill hose with water

Hole/s in vacuum hose: Replace hose