Pool Problems

Below are some common pool problems. Click a problem to download our troubleshooting information sheet. If you want more specific help, feel free to contact us.


Pool Problems

Use the information sheet below to help you solve some of the more common pool problems. If you need more specific help, please contact us.

Pool Care

If you're looking for information on how to take care of your pool, filtration settings and dosage rates for particular chemicals, download the below info sheet. Please contact us if you ahve any further questions or issues.

Green to Clean

Green pool? The good news it that it is easily treated, and by following the information sheet below, your pool should be back to sparkling blue health in a short space of time.

Winterise your pool

To winterise your pool please follow the below process - it is important this is not done too early if the temperatures are still too warm.  We usually recommend doing this near the end of April, weather dependent.

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