Covers & Rollers

We supply and install several types of pool covers - a solar bubble cover can eliminate evaporation to 98% while also gaining heat from the sun to keep your pool warm and comfortable. A thermal cover is great for a pool which is heated as its great at retaining heat (also eliminates evaporation). A debris cover is great for winter as it prevents the majority of debris from entering into your pool. A pool roller aids in removing your bubble or thermal cover from your pool.

Each pool is different and wondering what cover is best for you can be a difficult choice.  Please feel free to browse the cover types below - or take the guesswork away by contacting our team today to evaluate what cover best suits your needs. 


Thermal Pool Cover

  • Heat Retention
  • Virtually eliminates evaporation
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • Any shape possible

Solar Pool Cover

  • Up to 60% thicker on the base
  • Lays flatter on the pool surface
  • Unique Bubble shape
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Superior heat retention

Debris Cover

  • Reduces pool cleaning
  • Reduces pool discolouration
  • Traps leaves, dirt, insects etc
  • Most shapes possible

Pool Cover Roller

  • Extends life of pool cover
  • Convenient storage system
  • Saves time and effort
  • For most shapes of pools

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