Pool Refurbishments

Is your pool in need of a makeover? Taylors can your pool great again. We specialise in refurbishing your pool to create your dream backyard. We are highly regarded for our knowledge of all pool and spa makes aswell as innovative ways to create your dream pool

We also specialise in a range of pool repairs including leak detection, crack repairs, plumbing and equipment repairs and pool/spa overhauls to name a few.

So big budget or small get in touch with the team today to help transform your old tired pool to create your dream pool.

Refurbishment 1

Below are pictures of an old concrete / plaster pool that had problems with the plaster falling off the wall in patches, was leaking through the skimmer & pipes (which were all encased or under concrete) and had poor suction. The pool was emptied, the "rummy" plaster removed & refilled, the concrete around the pool cut & removed, new pipe fitted around the pool to the filter area & a "Taylor Made" stainless steel skimmer fitted. To finish off the pool was painted.