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The first 30 days of our Nelson Pool Shop have provided some amazing feedback from local customers. We couldn’t be happier at the value customers are getting from our Pool Service after working with Frank.

Here’s a taste of what they had to say:

We are very grateful that Frank and Kyla have come to town. We have been battling with cloudy water for over a year despite numerous tests. Frank immediately identified the problem, serviced our filter so that it's like a new one again, and next day...crystal clear water! We are able to enjoy our pool again instead of battling with it thanks to Frank's knowledge and help.” – Paula


I started having trouble with the water in 2019 despite plenty of advice and expenditure on various chemicals from local pool product suppliers. 

In late January this year I noted Taylors Pools so thought I would give them a go for some advice. Frank worked methodically through a number of questions, helped me with various options and ways forward, and at no point tried to sell me to expensive products I didn’t need.

The pool went from green to pristine in 5 days. It has remained pristine since with very little intervention at all.

Thanks for the advice and assistance. I had discussed with my wife the removal of the pool as I was over its care. Your assistance has been much appreciated by all the family as they were well over my grumpiness about the pool!” - David


Before - 4th February 2021

After - 9th February 2021


To get a sense of what went into our Nelson Grand Opening last weekend, check this out!

The day was a huge success & to try and pay it forward, Frank - our resident pool expert / water chemistry nerd – is busy following up from our Grand Opening attendees for their free ‘Pool or Spa WOF”, where he gives onsite, bespoke advice about any pool or spa issues you might be facing and discusses recommended solutions.



Frank is our resident pool expert, with over 12 years experience working in the industry. His knowledge base started with Lifeguarding, moved to Commercial Facilities and Pool & Spa Maintenance, all the way to Wholesale Chemical Importing, Sales & Logistics.

With a passion for finding the root cause of any issue and working with each pool & customer as individuals, any solutions presented are bespoke to your situation and considerate of your time.

His diverse background across the Pool and Spa Industry has instilled a genuine desire to give every customer the time they need to feel confident as a Pool or Spa owner.

If it’s answering self-service queries or taking the reins on chemistry, maintenance and / or cleaning, at Taylors, we believe that every owner should be confident that any jump into your pool or spa will be a safe, clean and enjoyable swim.


As many of you have heard, we have expanded the Team at Taylors to include a new location in Nelson! The shop is setup, the warehouse is full and our resident Pool and Spa expert, Frank, is ready to help with anything from valet to water balancing.