How to vacuum your pool

Always make sure pump is off when moving the filter handle between positions otherwise you may damage the filter.

1) Backwash Filter. (This cleans the filter sand). Turn handle to the Backwash position and run pump. Backwash usually is completed within 2 - 3 minutes. Once backwashed, turn pump off and turn handle to the “Rinse” position. Turn pump on and run for around 1 minute. Turn pump off. Turn handle to the “Filter” position. 

2) Connect Vac head to vac pole and connect one end of the vac hose securely to the vac head and place in pool

3) Completely fill the vac hose with water. This can be done by either holding the free end of the vac hose over a return jet (with filter running) or by slowly feeding the hose into the pool. It is important that there is no air in the vacuum hose before you connect to the skimmer or vacuum port.

4) Turn off pump (if going) and securely connect free end of vac hose into the skimmer or vac port.

5) If pool needs a regular vac (ie the pool is not green or grubby) ensure filter is on the “Filter” position, turn pump on and commence vacuuming. On “Filter” position the water is returned to the pool and should be clear as it exits the return jet(s). If the water returning to the pool becomes dirty or cloudy, turn pump off and proceed with vacuuming to waste.

6) If pool has been green or is grubby, set filter position to “Waste”. When vacuuming on this position the water will go out to the drain so it is therefore important that the pool be topped up before and after vacuuming. (If you need to re-vacuum on this position, ensure you turn the pump off and the filter handle is placed in the “Filter” position whilst waiting for the pool to settle or top up otherwise the water may siphon from your pool to waste )

7) Once you have finished vacuuming the pool turn the pump off, disconnect the vacuum hose and remove equipment from pool. Make sure filter is in the “Filter” position and turn the pump back on.