Dear Name,

With the change in seasons and the end of daylight savings, it's time to start thinking about your pool and spa needs for winter. With this in mind, we are delighted to offer you the below specials for April.



As the temperatures start to drop, it's time to think about preparing your pool for the colder months. In addition to reducing your filtration time, you should also winterise your pool - this helps to prevent the growth of algae and eliminates the phosphates that allow algae to thrive.

We have a convenient winter pack available in store which includes:

  • Polymeric or Maintenance Algaecide
  • Phosphate Remover

For April only, purchase a Winter Pack and one of our technicians will deliver and add it to your pool at no charge - Winter pack RRP $91



Now is the time to get your spa set up, cleaned and ready to go for luxurious winter soaking.

We are currently offering a spa setup service which includes:


Running a cleaner through the pipes Emptying the spa

Cleaning the spa shell Refilling the spa Balancing the water


In addition, to any customers that book in a spa setup service, we are also offering 50% off your spa filters for April only.


Spa Setup Service RRP $160