Why New Zealand made?

We are stockists of Silver Spas (North Island Only)

All our spas are made in New Zealand and Australia. Why?

With over 30 years in the pool and spa industry our experience has shown us that you can't cut corners with anything and that this is especially true when it comes to spas. This is why we only sell Spas made in New Zealand or Australia.

Imported spas have definitely cemented their place in NZ as they can offer low priced spas in the market. A common problem we see in a large number of imported spas is gear failure, mostly from imported Chinese spas. This is where the pump, heater, or even the jets begin failing after a very short time. It's okay if it fails during warranty (replaced at Sellers cost) but after that (usually 1 year) - you're on your own. We have found this "gear failure" is mostly due to low end equipment being used.

We don't just sell spas, we also service and repair them - no matter what brand including Sundance, Hot Springs, Alpine, Vortex, Leisurerite, Kiwi, Spa International. Heritage, Signature and many more. So if you need a part or have a problem that needs fixing, don't hesitate to contact us.